The Flick'n'Friends Mission


We love movies. We love good company. We love good conversation. Flick’n’Friends brings them all together and makes the movie-going experience as easy as it is fun.

So, What’s a Movie Club?

Simply put, a movie club is just like a book club—just with less homework and, hopefully, more time for wine.

Here’s how it works…

Create or Join a Club

Flick’n’Friends supports both public and private movie clubs. Either create a club and invite your friends, join an existing club of movie goers in your area or do both!

Schedule Movie Events

Browse current and upcoming films in your area and schedule outings with your club. You can create events based on a movie choice, specific date or particular theater.

Watch Films

Movies are great, but their greater with friends. Join your club at the movie theater and enjoy the flicks together!

Rate, Discuss and Share

Movie night shouldn’t end once the final credits roll! Join your friends and club members after the flick to exchange opinions, ratings, and share them with other movie goers on!

Sign Me Up!

We’re working hard to get movie clubs up and running. Leave us with your email and zipcode and we’ll contact you as soon as Flick’n’Friends is available in your area!

Public Clubs (Meet New People)
Private Clubs (My Friends Only)